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Control System
Motor Control Center, Main Panel-Remote Control Panel-Pump Controls, Winch Control-Bow thurster Controls & Hydraulic Packs Control, Remote Control Panel, Direct online-Star/Delta-Soft Starters-Variable Speed Drive up to 630KW, Main Switch Board Generator Synchro System up to 4000amps, and Electrical Propulsion System-Power Management System and Variable Speed Drivers –Class certified.
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Safety & Security
Watertight Door, Fire & Gas Detection, Cause and Effect Tools, Emergency shutdown, Fire Dampers Control, Fire Suppression, Fire Pumps Controls and Fire Alarm.
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Bridge and Navigation
Bridge Integrated System (BIS): main engines, alarms, tank levels, ballast all integrated, invluding redundancy, NMEA Networking of Navigation Equipment, Steering System Control, Alarm System Report, Water Tight Doord Control System, Auto Pilot Connection to Steering System, BNWAS, and Telegraph.
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Marine & General
Ballast-Tank Gauging, Weather Monitoring, Helideck Control, Anchors Lines Monitoring/Load, Legs Monitoring, Vessel Heel and Trim Console, and HVAC Contol.Learn More
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Winch, Hydraulic Anchor Windlass, Towing Winch, Anchor handling winch, tugger winch, capstan winch and storage winch. Hydraulic Pedestal Crane & Mobile, Steering gear, and hydraulic hatcvh cover.Learn More
Alarms and Power Distribution
Pressure tank control, main ngine, fire, gas, bilge, and CO2 alarm system. Engine Monitoring, Generator Synchro & Load Sharing-PMS, LV DiostributionMsb&Db, Drilling Switchboards-AC/DC, Power Management system, and Consoles.Learn More
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