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PT Nanindah Mutiara Shipyard

PT Nanindah Mutiara Shipyard

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PT Nanindah Mutiara Shipyard

PaxOcean, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kuok (Singapore) restricted, is headquartered in Singapore providing a good vary of services covering:

  • Vessel newbuildings,
  • Offshore engineering,
  • Rig building,
  • Ship and rig repair,
  • Maintenance and conversion.

Investing on its strengths and collective expertise of over seventy years, PaxOcean has proved itself to be a sure and reliable supplier to the worldwide offshore and marine business.

Entrenched in our vision of engineering excellence, PaxOcean’s operational philosophy is centred on:

  1. Quality vessel construction: we tend to use a mix of your time-tested and innovative approaches to deliver the highest-quality vessels that weather-beaten the take a look at of time.
  2. Intelligent vessel architecture: we tend to leverage our in depth expertise to make vessels that ar designed for simple maintenance and most vessel life.
  3. Quick turnaround: we try for refinement in each stage of our work therefore on deliver orders on time and to exceed our client’s expectations.

PT Nanindah Mutiara Shipyard specialises in construction and steel fabrication, with a core target the development of vessels supporting the offshore oil and gas market. Nanindah has conjointly been recognized for its keen repair capabilities and fast turnaround.

Since 2007, PT Nanindah Mutiara Shipyard has with success completed construction of high-technology specialty vessels like DP3 compact semi-submersibles, high specification platform offer vessels and deep-freeze fishing trawlers.

Operating on 570,000m2 of land with fifteen building berths, the yard is capable of death penalty fifteen synchronal newbuilding comes.


  • Berthing Wharf 2,500 m
  • Steel Fabrication Workshop 13,600 m2
  • Open Area Fabrication 22,000 m2 with Gantry Cranes
  • Piping Workshop 6,600 m2
  • Electrical Workshop 2,100 m2
  • Carpentry Workshop 2,700 m2
  • Steel Forming Workshop 2,100 m2
  • Mechanical Workshop 4,800 m2
  • Warehouse 5,800 m2
  • Cranes up to 600 tons SWL
  • Generators ranging from 10 kVA to 1,000 kVA
  • Air Compressors ranging from 50 cfm to 930 cfm
PT Nanindah Mutiara Shipyard

PT Nanindah Mutiara Shipyard

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