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PT BATAMEC established in 1986 offers major versatile capability in ship building, conversion, ship repairing, producing and general engineering for offshore and onshore industries.

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Location PT Batamec

PT BATAMEC is found strategically in Batam island of Riau Island province, Indonesia, accupying sixty four hectares of land and is supplied with:

  • Seafronts with four.5 – 6m water depth
  • Half-dozen Building berths
  • 350m groyne
  • Tying up Facilities (Dry-dock and Syncrolift)
  • Seven lined Workshop
  • Open Fabrication that is supplied with framework Crane
  • Instrumentality for plate and pipe handling.

Vision and Mission


To become a reputable Marine company specialising in Ship Repair, Conversion, Shipbuilding and Engineering Services


Continue to make great strides towards achieving further improvements to our systems work methods, technological know how & productivity, all done with the objective of improvement our overall service to our valued partners and customers.


PT Batamec was established in 1986. Parent company Otto Marine Ltd incorporated 1979. Our capability is bolstered by our sturdy team of management, engineers and military service architects, UN agency can make sure that our vessels get the eye they be deserve.

PT Batamec

PT Batamec

HSEQ Certificate

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System

Certified: 2004

Quality Management System has been implemented to support consistency of product’s quality. Formal procedures covered processes involved in provide qualified product which meet customer’s requirements. Performance is monitored during the process and action taken to meet target as well as identify opportunities to improve the yard.

OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Certified: 2015

Perform the job with high safety consciousness. PT. Batamec aims to provide safe working environment for employee, customer and subcontractors by protect employee with PPE, promote safety consciousness, prevention workplace injury and ill health and continuous improvement.

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ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

Certified: 2015

PT Batamec is committed to environmental protection, reducing environmental impacts and conserving resources. EMS is compliant with Laws and Regulations. The company is focusing on waste handling, pollution prevention, educate and train the people as well as subcontractors and suppliers.

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