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Incinerator SunFlame SV-360SAI MV Kartini Baruna

Incinerator SunFlame Equipment spesifikasi Brand : SUNFLAME .CO,LTD Type : SV-360SAI Power supply : 440 VAC – 60 Hz Problems occurred ( information from the owner / user ) Check performance of incinerator system For warming up the main burner with waste oil should use diesel oil Description The main control panel check the performance of all equipment that supported the incinerator system and check all control system performance. Include: Check the performance of electrical control for exhaust fan Check the performance of electrical control ... Read more

Shipyard In Batam

Shipyard in Batam ~ Batam is an island, municipality, and the largest city in Riau Islands Province within Indonesia. Batam is a free trade zone, part of the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle, located 20 km off Singapore's south coast. Batam is that the largest town within the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. the town body space covers 3 main islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang (collectively known as Barelang), further as many tiny islands. Batam Island is that the core urban and industrial zone, ... Read more